Robert H. Saglio breed lobsters adopting techniques similar to that used in chickens by his father Henry Saglio the founder of Arbor Acres. High prices for energy forced this operation to close. He then started growing turkeys on Greyledge Farms and then capons. In the 70’s there was no commercial broiler that suited the bird he needed for the capon business so he started breeding for a bird with strong legs, a double breast and no breast blisters that would reach 11 to 12lb and dress out at 80% grade A. In 1979 Avian Farms International was formed with Henry Saglio and Robert Saglio as owners. In 1985 Kennebec International was purchased and the company moved to Waterville, Maine from Connecticut.

The company has close corporate links with Thailand where some of the principals of the Charoen Pokphard Group have shares in Avian Farms.

The main objective of Avian Farms has been to develop packages for three specific markets, the fresh meat-case products, K.F.C. type products, and deboned further processed products.

The main products were the male line Avian Maine, and three female lines Avian 24(K), Avian 34(k) and Avian 43(K).